good things come in twos.

good things come in twos.

IMG_0745_edited-1Rock out, little one. It’s your birthday!

Dear Aisha,

I can’t believe that you’re two. It literally feels like you were born, then some stuff happened, and then POOF! two. My baby big bean is officially a toddler and I don’t know how to feel (or what to say) about it.

I never knew that I could love anyone this much. I never imagined that someone so small could bring so much joy to my life. I also never would have believed that someone so small could wreak so much havoc, literally affecting every. single. decision. that I have to make.

But there’s nothing I wouldn’t give to hear you laugh or make you smile. And oh, how I melt when you spontaneously hug me and give kisses without my having to ask. Even though you’re Little Miss WalksAlot now, I still can’t help but pick you up and hold you close. I enjoy your smell, your warmth and the feel of your little arms around my neck.

You are so loving. You bless everyone you meet with your sweetness. We can’t go anywhere without making friends; you will literally stop and talk to anyone who makes eye contact. You give high fives freely and blow kisses with abandon. At the mall. At the doctor’s office. At Wal-Mart.

I’ve started becoming more comfortable with accepting compliments on “what a good job” I’m doing with you. But I simply cannot take all the credit. You’ve made being your mama a fairly easy task; for even on the tough days, you are more sweet than sour. You have a lovely disposition and sunny temperament, and I am grateful for both.

My only regret is that I didn’t have you earlier in life, so that maybe I could have more time with you, to enjoy you more. But I know in my heart that I wasn’t ready for you before this time. I wasn’t ready to give so much of myself. I wasn’t ready to be the person I am today. I love who I am now. You’ve made me a much better person. A happier person. You’ve made me a mama.

And for that, my dear girl, I thank you.

Happy birthday, bean.



8 thoughts on “good things come in twos.

  1. Happy birthday, Aisha! And happy 2 years of being a mama, Joanne! I’ve missed seeing you around here. She is doing so well! What a beautiful kiddo.

    1. Hi Tess, Thank you! I have so many blogs bubbling in my head, so little time, I’m afraid. I hope to do it a least once a month. I was thinking of your last month. Hope you’re well. xo

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