Food champ.

Food champ.

TWITM_foodchamp_chubblyAisha, about two months ago. Chubbly! Bubbly! She has thinned out quite a bit since then.
She will certainly hate me for this one day.

I always find it funny when someone asks, “is she a good eater?” I mean, it’s pretty evident from the rolls in her arms and the chub in her cheeks (and arms, and legs) that li’l miss Aisha doesn’t miss a meal. Instead of rolling my eyes, I simply jerk my head in her direction and reply, “she didn’t get that size from NOT eating, that’s for sure.”

From about four months of age, Aisha was interested in eating, and even though her doctor advised me to wait a few more months to circumvent the possibility of early allergies, there was no waiting for this kid. By the time she’d reached 5.5 months, the girl was eating cereal, fruit purees, smashed veggies and basically little bits of anything she could work around her mouth and smush with her gums. 

These days, she pretty much eats what I eat, although in broken-down form. And aside from prunes and rice cereal, there isn’t much that she won’t tuck into. I hand make all her meals, with the exception of her new favourite treats, Gerber Graduates sweet potato puffs and Arrowroot cookies. Her usual daily meal routine goes something like this:

  • Early AM: 7-9 oz of formula
  • Mid AM: cereal (quinoa, oats or millet) and fruits (she loves apricots, mango, blueberries, applesauce and raspberries)
  • Lunch: 4-5 oz of formula, and then some protein (in the form of chicken or legumes) and veggie purees
  • Mid-afternoon snack: 4-5 oz of formula and a handful (10-15) of Gerber Graduates puffs
  • Dinner: similar to lunch, but with different flavours. I try not to repeat the same thing in a day
  • Bedtime: 7-9 oz of formula

Some days, she eats a little more, others a little less. She hasn’t had any reactions allergy-wise, but she is experiencing constipation, so I make sure she drinks more water (she takes it from a cup, as well as some juices cut with water). I’ve also gone back to single foods, as opposed to making little baby “stews” comprising various veggies, grains and proteins.

I buy everything frozen-organic (organic-frozen?). It costs a bit more initially, but it’s safer and cheaper in the long run; when I buy fresh, something always goes to waste, and with berries, there are always a number of spoilt ones in the middle of every pint and carton. I make small batches, and store them in these awesome small Ziploc containers.

TWITM_foodchamp_rationsThis oughta last a few days.

Mealtime can sometimes be a messy affair, particularly when there are blueberries and spinach in the mix. She likes to put her hands in her mouth as she eats, and while my inner OCD freaks out at ALL THE MESS, Christine, our home care nurse (part of a program called Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies. She visits about once a month to ensure that Peanut and I are doing well) advises me not to discourage her from doing so. Apparently it’s a precursor to being able to self-feed. Argh. Curls Florentine it is, then.

TWITM_foodchamp_messBlueberry soul patch. One of her cleaner moments.

I actually quite enjoy this foodie phase. I make the most of it because I know that it could very well change one day…and my eat-everything-Aisha will turn into a picky eater like I was, or like my cousin’s kid Andrew. When he was about three or four, he went through this phase where he wouldn’t eat anything brown. He once turned down a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream because the chips violated his food’s colour code. Crazy kid.

* * *

Back in May, Aisha’s first taste of ice cream was met with a full-on, ear-to-ear baby grin. She couldn’t have cared LESS what colour it was. All that mattered was that it was soft serve, and it was GOOD. 😀

TWITM_foodchamp_iscreamasdfghjkl! What is this gloriousness I’ve discovered? I scream in delight!
Yes, that’s it! I shall call it: “I Scream!”


12 thoughts on “Food champ.

    1. Maggie, I was hesitant to give it to her. Our home care nurse advised to start with meat because of the iron…once babies go on solids, their iron stores are depleted, and meat (dark meat, red meat) helps to maintain levels. I haven’t yet given her fish, because I’m wary of allergies. She’s had peanut butter without issue, so I guess fish (salmon, whitefish) is next. Great in omegas and good fats.

  1. What a cutie! My Peanut gets the chubby bubba comments too, but I can’t quite claim she loves food as she’s feed through an NG!
    SO great to see your little legume getting so much enjoyment out of food. And yes, my friend who is an OT and a bit of an expert on baby and toddler eating says the more mess the better! Parents with older kids who have eating issues almost never have that food smeared photo 🙂

    1. Tess, that’s good to know. I honestly have a hard time with the food-everywhere thing, but this little girl is slowly but surely helping me get over that.

      Will your Peanut always need the tube, or will she eventually be able to take food by mouth?

      1. She’s getting a stomach tube put in soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try with food. Taste and her mouth are pretty important to her, so I’m looking forward to trying some nice tastes out with her. The benefit of the tube is that there’s no pressure to ensure she’s getting enough orally.

  2. Omigod how can you stand it?! She is so freaking cute!!! That’s a smart idea to make small batches + keep in fridge for the week. I make way to much + then freeze. Hmmmm, thanks for this post – I’m having sort of muddy time making my way into figuring out this solid stuff!

    1. Shelli, I just eyeball it. It’s actually not a lot of each individual flavour…she eats a lot but I mix and match, so by the time I’m done, it’s 2-3 tablespoons of four or five different things. She doesn’t ALWAYS eat all, but I feel good that she’s got enough of everything.

      1. Thinking about ME? You’ve been watching America’s Most Wanted, huh?!?!? LOL

        I’m Doing GREAT! I tried to e-mail you………I think I’m getting to a point that I mightr be getting somewhat close to needing an editor. Plus…….I’m looking for a female to collaboratively write a blog with. I want to do a He said/She said column showcasing the viewpoints of Black men and Black Women on real world, real time issues.

        And oh yeah….she’s ridiculously cute…I mean RIDICULOUSLY cute. I smile every time I look at her pictures.

      2. you emailed? Email me again! That might be around the time my carrier went wonky. I’ve been thinking about doing something like “black women speak” or some such…Lots going on in the world, these days.

        And thanks again. I think she’s delicious. 😀

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