T21 and seven months.

T21 and seven months.

BabaMy big girl! Peanut’s been busy growing, y’all…


Quite a lot happens when you’re away from the blog. My hiatus wasn’t about anything more than wanting to spend some serious loving-up time with the girl and not blogging about every little adorable thing that she was doing every moment of the day. That’s what mommy-bloggers do (not that there’s anything wrong with that); there are a glut of cute blogs out there showcasing baby beans sporting hilariously sweet micro-fashion and doing hilariously sweet (and sometimes disgustingly funny) things.

When I found out about Peanut’s Trisomy 21 diagnosis, I wanted this blog to be a resource to other parents who might be going through the same thing. But once she was born, I found that, for the most part, she more more “typical” than not…she didn’t have any major health or feeding issues, her growth and development were on track, and she ate, slept and pooped like any other kid. Down Syndrome really didn’t come into play, and I felt as though the blog wasn’t serving its original purpose.

So I stopped blogging.

Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty about rethinking my decision. My little girl has Down Syndrome, and she’s doing really, really well. This flies in the face of what I was told by geneticists, and what I’ve been reading about on other DS parents’ blogs. Peanut is thriving, and has truly impressed every specialist, doctor and therapist (and there are MANY) who have met her in the last five months.

And maybe that’s why I should continue to blog – to show parents (and parents-to-be) that DS doesn’t have to be this scary world, where our babies are hooked up to tubes and never eat, or never walk, or can’t hear, or can’t see properly, or don’t socialize or spend weeks on end in hospital. Sure, Peanut is still little, and I don’t know what year one, two or three will bring, but for now, she is pretty much issue-free – save for occasional constipation and copious drooling (that last one is really my issue; everything’s wet. She drools all the time! Just cut some teeth, already! Argh).

I am thankful for all of the above and feel so blessed to have this awesome kid in my life. I really should continue to share her progress – not because I want to brag about her (okay, maybe just a little), but to prove that Trisomy 21 is just a diagnosis, not a death sentence. And to give other parents hope for a bright future for their beans.

I will post again soon about her stats and development, and also write about some of the things I’ve learned/she’s done in the time that I’ve been away. But for now, I just wanted to get back on this horse (holy, things have changed on WP) and say howdy.

So, uh…Howdy! 😀

8 thoughts on “T21 and seven months.

  1. OMG, I about peed in my pants from excitement when I saw that you had posted!! You have been missed. And, I totally agree that your story is so important to hear. Welcome back!

  2. Yat welcome back! I share Maggie’s past-due in level of excitement that you are back. I’ve missed your posts and have wondered often about how your little Peanut is going. I am thrilled to hear she is going well, fantastic news. I look forward to hearing more updates! !

      1. Hahahahahaaa! Tessa, I’m going to start using “Yat” deliberately! 😀 I hate autocorrect, too. Thanks for the welcome…I’m happy to be reading about your Peanut’s progress as well. And she’s super-cute. Wish you lived closer, ’cause I would for SURE love her up.

  3. I really enjoy your blog! I’m glad your back. Your daughter is beautiful, I want to squeeze those little cheeks! ❤

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