unisexLookit that face. Does this look like a little boy to you?

I suppose that because I am her mother, I can absolutely see that Peanut is a little girl. However, when I dress her in gender-neutral colours – green, yellow or grey in particular – people have a hard time ascertaining whether she’s male or female.

I don’t really ascribe to the pink for girls/blue for boys ideal; in fact, pink is not really a colour I like, and I have very little of it (one or two items, max) in my own wardrobe. Peanut happens to look good in it – and while I frequently dress her in whatever pink items she happens to own, I tend to buy clothing in other colours.

It’s hard, though, finding lovely little girls’ clothes that don’t look as though they lost a fight with a bottle of Pepto Bismol. And if the items aren’t pink, they’re ruffled, frilled and ruched to within an inch of their lives. What is the deal with tutus for little girls? And headbands with bows? And sequins? Why?

I put the wee one in a hoodie and jeans the other day, and my mother squawked that I was dressing the child like a thug. I thought she looked positively adorable! She’s usually in pants or a sleeper, anyway, so I wasn’t quite sure what the fuss was about.

This past Easter, I realized with some chagrin that my baby girl had but one dress that fit her. My mother bought it when she was just weeks old. At the time it was far too large, sized NB, but now, at just over ten pounds, I was sure Peanut had outgrown it…but praise ye closet gods, it fit – although I’m sure it’s the first and last time she’ll wear that dress again.

easta bunThe Easter Baba in her one and only frock. Definitely a little girl.

(That realization kind of made me sad. I’ve already had to shelve some of her Newborn stuff – a few sleepers and onesies, and I put them away with a little sigh, knowing that I may never pull them out or use them again. I’m coming to terms with the fact that Peanut may very well be my only baby. The time! Where does it go?)

At two-and-a-half months old, she’s finally getting big enough to wear all of the delicious hand-me-downs given to her by friends and family. I’m particularly looking forward to the day she can wear the adorable Puma tracksuit from her auntie Rachel.

It’s pink, but it’s super adorable, so I won’t sweat it.

Tracksuit. Sweat.


4 thoughts on “unisex?

  1. That DRESS!!! Oh, how cute. And for the record, I detest all the days that I have to pack up too-small sets of clothes. Half because of how sad it is and half because there are 50,000 things to fold up and jam into a rubbermaid tote.

    1. haha! Maggie, for now, it’s mostly just sleepers – Peanut was a small baby and is still wearing her 0-3 and quite a few NB things. But every time I have to roll up a too-small something, I die a little inside. 😀

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Those beautiful little lips!!! I just want to eat her up!!! So funny that you’re trying to avoid all the pink + ruffles. I’m trying to avoid all the super fugly boy stuff like trucks + puppy dogs + footballs…boy clothes are so gross. Peanut could not be any cuter.

    1. Thanks, Shell! How’s Mr. Costanza? 😀

      Peanut DOES have the loveliest little lips, doesn’t she? We get comments on them all the time. Funny, i happen to LOVE boys’ clothing…scaled-down versions of grown mens’ stuff…so cute!

      Pink and ruffles make me want to barf.

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