papa’s got a brand-new bag.

papa’s got a brand-new bag.

This conversation just happened between me and the boy…

Her:  Babe, would you carry a diaper bag?

Him:  What?

Her:  Like, if you had to take Peanut out for a walk one day, would you carry her supplies in a diaper bag? Not like the one my mother got me – but perhaps a cross-body type thing? Like a mail bag, perhaps?

Him:  Never thought about it.

Her:  *Googles* Like this? It also comes in grey:

Him:  What? Oh my God! (bursts into laughter)

Her:  What? It’s a bag, not a PURSE.

Him:  LOL!

Her:  (exasperated) Have you never carried anything but a knapsack in your life?

Him:  LOL!

Her:  (fed up) Oh, grow up. And be happy I’m not suggesting that bag in this pattern:

Him:  I like the first one.



6 thoughts on “papa’s got a brand-new bag.

  1. Hahaha my husband and I had the same conversation but I got my dream diaper bag (is there such a thing?) at my shower so it’s a gorgeous grey purse-like divinity. He throws one of those black, discreet, fold-up change pad/diaper pouches in the stroller when he’s on duty 🙂

    1. Hi Krista! I have a great diaper bag my mother got me for my shower. It’s a metallic silver leather confection and it’s beautiful. It’s also decidedly girly. I wanted something more… all-purpose that the boy wouldn’t be “afraid” to carry.

      His reaction to the black bag totally surprised me! haha 😀

    1. Fanny, agreed! I just discovered them. They have so many great prints to choose from! I’m going to have to keep it neutral for the boy, unfortch.

    1. I’m going to get one. My mother gifted me a beautiful metallic leather confection that is definitely very fancy (and, let’s face it, feminine). The skip hop will be great for days when i feel more casual…and the boy can get use out of it, too!

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