ends of the spectrum.

ends of the spectrum.

imageI really should clean the mirror.

I am huge, I am uncomfortable and I can barely breathe. I’m unable to sleep for more than two to three hours at a time, so I’m exhausted, a little cranky and always hungry. I can’t pee without experiencing Braxton-Hicks, and with my ever-expanding dimensions, simple, daily things like climbing the stairs or washing the dishes leave me breathless. I can’t eat without spillage, as the belly makes it impossible to pull up to the table – no matter how careful I am, I invariably drop something in transit from plate to mouth. Being comfortable in clothes – or in my skin! – seems like a distant memory.

However, with every kick, roll, flutter and turn, I grow more and more excited and curious about the little peanut who still grows inside me. I wonder if she’ll be as active outside as she is in my womb. Will she be a happy baby? Will she be a cuddler? Will she like music? Will she be a sleeper or an eater? Will she be a tiny baby? What will her first cries sound like? I’ve never been so unsure, but also anxious, impatient and thrilled at the prospect of being a mommy. I simply cannot wait for the arrival of the little whirlwind that’s going to change my life forever.

Any day now, Aisha. Any day.

5 thoughts on “ends of the spectrum.

  1. I remember all too well these feelings X 4. Lol..

    Being pregnant is a joy, but let’s just talk about the misery for a minute..Chile, it can be something. Oh but when you hold bring that baby in and look into her eyes, all will be right with the world and the misery will fade in the background. Way back there…


    1. You’re right, Dee, I know. And sometimes just feeling her move is enough. I’m having one of those “misery” moments right now, though.

      Funny enough, as uncomfortable as I am, I can’t wait to have the go-ahead to do it again. πŸ™‚ I want three! Hoping I get blessed with twins. ha!

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