missing you.

missing you.

I’m going to get someone to bring me a whole platter of this THE MINUTE SHE IS OUT OF MY BODY.

Was out to dinner with the boy on Saturday. Navigating restaurant menus has become tricky, because my first inclination is to either order steak or salmon. I like (nay, love) my steaks rare (warm and bloody, really), which is a no-no during pregnancy. Salmon isn’t on the always-avoid list, but because the mercury can be harmful to the little one, I’ve just not eaten any in the past nine months. At this point, I don’t think it would harm her, as she will be, as of this coming Friday, A FULL TERM BABY (woot) — but why take any chances?

I miss eating Brie. And all soft, unripened cheeses. I so miss sushi – salmon sashimi in particular. I miss drinking a full glass of Jacob’s Creek moscato (oh, who’m I kidding? I can easily polish off a bottle of that sweet elixir) and having a cigarette after a good meal. Yes, I’m a former smoker. We’ll see what happens with that. I know it’s a disgusting vice, and I’ve made it the last 200-odd days without one, so how hard can it be to continue on the path? I’ve got to say it’ll be a lot easier to maintain non-smoker status as the boy quit last summer…and if I’m planning on breastfeeding, the drinking and the smoking will have to remain a negative, Batman.

Know what I also miss? Exercise. Never thought I’d say that in a million years! I can’t wait to get back to doing Insanity and ZWow and all of my other HIIT. Exercise also includes salsa/bachata – and any dancing in general. I’ll likely have another 6-8 weeks after Aisha is born to be able to even THINK about moving with any intensity, but oh, how I dream about being active again.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve enjoyed having pregnancy as an excuse to pretty much eat and sleep with some abandon, but I also have to say I can’t wait until she’s here so I can get back to some semblance of the me that was.

I miss being able to see my toes. 😦

2 thoughts on “missing you.

  1. Guess what? I went to a prenatal class + they said that you can eat sushi while pregnant! Pregnant women in Japan eat it all the time! The only reason they say to avoid sushi is because of the fear of food poisoning from bad sushi, which can happen to anyone pregnant or not. So if you go to a high end reputable sushi joint, there should be no problem. I’ve never had food poisoning from sushi. That being said, I still have avoided it because being doubled over the toiled pregnant is something I don’t want to risk! But it is harmless to the baby! Who knew?! But yes, mercury is a danger. Salmon is low in mercury + so high in omega 3s! I eat it like a champ!

    1. REALLY? Now you tell me? Lol I’m going to make it the sweetest return to normal, by holding off until Peanut comes. I’ve made it this far without having any, what’s a few more weeks? And truthfully, I’ve had crab salad rolls and California rolls about three or four times, so I’m not COMPLETELY deprived. I just REALLY miss sashimi.

      I’ve managed to avoid morning sickness for my entire pregnancy, and I was worried about sushi maybe making me ill… I do have a good sushi joint that I frequent so I really shouldn’t have any worries. I’m just superstitious, is all.

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