(post) week(end) wrap-up: blessings.

(post) week(end) wrap-up: blessings.

I’ve been a bit incognegro these last few days. I had a rather big writing assignment to complete, as well as a few engagements, and then there was my un-shower…so I had good reason for not blogging. Or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. And you.

first things first…
Last Friday marked 34 weeks. My little peanut is actually the size of a honeydew melon (finally, produce that I enjoy eating!) and will prolly remain about that size for the next two weeks or so. She has been transverse breech for the majority of this pregnancy, but lately has taken to basically standing upright (footling breech) in the womb, feet kicking my bladder. Fun.

high tea at the Windsor Arms…
What more can I say? It was High Tea. At the Windsor Arms. And it was lovely. We wore fascinators. And took pics. We looked great! We had canapés and mini-sandwiches, and quiches with fancy stuff in’em. The scones were OFF THE CHARTS (though I really could have done without the desserts. They were only “meh.”) My girls surprised me with a little mom-to-be evening out, including a GC for a mani and pedi. Aw. I’m not a spa-girl, but I will haul my heavy backside out to Bayview Village and get my F&Ts done.

The fabulous five and their four fascinators.

then face-stuffing with the Portuguese…
From the Windsor Arms, I headed out to the west-end to meet the boy and his friends at a local Portuguese spot for some traditional fare. I was also pleasantly surprised that the friends’ wives (Carrie and Christina) put together a lovely little gift for Aisha, as well.

(I also have to say that as a self-professed curmudgeon, I’m extremely humbled and overwhelmed by how nice and giving everyone has been, lately. There really aren’t enough words… The boy’s friends paid for dinner that night. So gracious.)

Christina had her daughter Olivia back in September, and brought out for the evening. Good Lord, is that baby ever cute. I held her for a good portion of the night, marvelling at her delicious little outfit (even the boy fell in love with her sweater) and sweet disposition. I coaxed several smiles out of her. Such a sweetheart.

The restaurant was full that night, and incredibly noisy. As Olivia sat on my lap, I couldn’t help but wonder what it will be like once Peanut is here…And how (if) her diagnosis will affect her ability to handle noise and crowds and lots of stimulation. Will my baby be as happy? And as big (little Miss O is a healthy size for just four months)? Will she be as friendly? As engaging…? So many questions. I know I can’t compare my baby to anyone else’s – and comparing a baby with special needs to one without is just unfair to her and to me. Peanut will achieve all that she’s meant to achieve…Just on her own time, is all.

sunday (un)shower…
I called it the un-shower, because I’m a control freak who doesn’t like surprises…I already knew it was happening. Besides, I’m not really the “shower” type. But for someone who didn’t want the fuss, holy crap, a ton of people showed up. Again, feeling undeserving of all the love. Because so many people have donated clothing and other supplies, I requested that if guests felt the need to bring gifts, then a book or baby-bum supplies would be greatly appreciated. And boy, did everyone come through on that request.

We received so many amazing books, and surprisingly, only two duplicates (and one triplicate). I was also surprised that we only got one bible-related book, two Seuss books, and no one got any Shel Silverstein or Ezra Jack Keats. That was not a grumble, believe me. The latter two are extremely difficult to locate these days, and as a child of the 70s/80s, those are ones I recall enjoying.

(I have put a moratorium on spending for the month, but I may have to hit AbeBooks and pick up some Keats.)

visiting hours…
I’m going to be laying low for the next few weeks. All and any are welcome to come visit. It’s getting even more difficult to get around these days. My mother wrecked her car yesterday, so we’re down to one vehicle for the house (she’s fine, thankfully), and the bitter cold (damn you, Polar Vortex) is quite the deterrent.

counting down…
The boy and I had an appointment with Dr. Freedman yesterday. Peanut is turning, as I mentioned, but not much is happening otherwise. I have no weird symptoms or pain, although I have officially adopted the pregnancy waddle. I also weigh 140 pounds. Cra-zy.

My last official ultrasound is slated for the 6th of next month, and then I’ll be seeing Dr. Freedman every week after that until about the 28th. Because that’s when Peanut is due.



I’m gonna have a baby.

3 thoughts on “(post) week(end) wrap-up: blessings.

  1. Thanks for the like on my list of 100 goals this year, and congrats on the pregnancy! Our son’s reaching 11 weeks soon, and it’s been a crazy journey so far, but I think we’re all sane.

    I think.

    I hope you keep blogging about your adventures through this 🙂

    1. Thanks, Casey!

      It’s great to have goals. Your post has prompted me to think about some of the things I want to do for 2014 (and some that I’ve already missed out on!) womp womp 🙂

      One goal is to blog more. I used to be so prolific. I have to force myself to write.

      I came across your blog while googling some info on Arbonne; I was pleased to see a black-canadian-daddy-blogger, and even more pleased that you can actually write. So, I’ll be following.

      Thanks for the congrats! 😀

      1. Indeed, life runs away from us, so it’s hard to keep track of the things we once wanted to do — soon enough it’s years later and we never got around to whatever it was 🙂 It’s only my second year of the lists, but they definitely keep me accountable and many friends reach out to try and help me knock things off of the list — it gets a real community feel to it, which I love 🙂

        And I can’t just be a pretty face, can I? That’d be a waste 🙂 I’m actually trying to bring daddy blogging to the forefront in Toronto, but it’s going to be a long process.

        It’s all good, though — I’m not in a race or anything 🙂

        All the best and I hope things go amazingly!

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