new highs.

new highs.

weighty matters
What a pretty pedicure. These certainly aren’t my feet; I can’t even bend to put on my socks, much less paint my toes.

Had an appointment with Dr. Freedman today…

Only, when I got to the office, receptionist Laura informed me that Dr. Freedman was absent due to a family emergency. In her place, a Dr. Diamond would be filling in.

The office was packed, as per usual, and the wait was long, as per usual. The boy grew restless (as per usual) and griped at me about it (as if I set the appointments?). We whisper-argued back and forth, and I reminded him that he volunteered to come with me, and next time he was more than welcome to stay home.

My name was called shortly thereafter, and as he walked ahead of me to the examination room, I made a funny face at his back, eliciting giggles from a few of the ladies sitting in the reception area.

Dr. Diamond entered within a few minutes, and it was evident right away that she was a younger, friendlier alternative to my usual beloved OB-GYN. Don’t get me wrong: Dr. Freedman is lovely and actually quite friendly – her brand of amicable is served with a side order of no-nonsense/no-bullshit. She gets right to the point. Dr. Diamond struck me as the type who might knit or foster puppies in her spare time. And while I liked her just fine, I did miss Dr. Freedman. Hopefully everything is okay, and she’ll be back for my next visit.

At every visit, I have to pee on a stick and have my weight checked. The last time I was there, I weighed in at approximately 132 pounds. Even Laura was surprised (and double checked my file) when I stepped up this time, and the scale read 138. She tried to make me feel better about it and mentioned my winter clothes, but I was actually wearing less today than at my last visit.

I know the weight gain is normal, and I should expect to put on anywhere between 20 and 35 pounds, but it’s been hard to process, since I’ve been skinny all my life. But it’s for the good of my baby, so I’ll suck it up and inhale another Boston Creme.

(I had three and a half donuts in one sitting on the weekend. Two Boston Cremes and a Blueberry fritter. And then went to dinner at my aunt’s. No wonder I’m gaining. I can’t stop stuffing my craw!)

I’m due back in two weeks’ time…I’ll likely break the 140 mark by then.

Yeah, yeah… 140 is certainly not a lot to you normal-sized gals, but I have never broken a buck-ten in my life. These kinds of new numbers really do not compute.

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