(s)lacking in vitamins.

(s)lacking in vitamins.

This isn’t me; the lucky lady is free of a lopsided linea nigra, and has a better outtie than I.

In the early months of my pregnancy, and even before I got pregnant, I was very diligent about taking my pre-natal vitamins. The brand I use, NFH, was recommended to me by a naturopath co-worker. After doing some research on the brand, I wound up choosing their Pre-natal SAP vitamins on account of a number of factors (made in Canada, totally organic, capsule as opposed to pill form) – although I disliked the fact that I had to take them three times a day.

The Pre-SAPs have a funny taste, and since I battled quite a bit with nausea in trimester two, I cut back on my per diem (as approved by Dr. Freedman) to twice a day. However, I was still fairly good about taking them when I should. Now that I’m in the home stretch, I find that I’m forgetting to take them even once a day, and I dunno if it’s due to pregnancy brain, or just being over the whole experience. My diet has been pretty balanced (if you ignore the carbo-chocolate-bingeing), and I haven’t been slacking on the nutrients aspect, per se. However, I think I’m going to switch to a 1x day brand for this last bit. I feel awful about depriving Aisha of any other supplemental good stuff before she’s born.

Ah, a mother’s guilt. It starts early, doesn’t it?

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