weekend wrap-up: ups and downs.

weekend wrap-up: ups and downs.

The week’s been more down than up, I’m afraid…

rise and shine…
I’ve been getting up and going to be early all week. Suddenly, I can’t find one good reason for staying up past 11pm. Truthfully, I hope it continues. The extra sleep has been soo good for me.

flying solo…
Speaking of sleep, I realized last night that this has been a pretty lonely second trimester. The boy has been working long hours – up at 4:30 and in bed by 8 once he’s had dinner and packed his lunch for the next day. I actually had to text him and tell him how I’m feeling, since we haven’t had much opportunity to talk.

baby show fiasco…
Against my better judgment, I asked the boy to come to the Baby Show with me today. I wanted to look at a few items, get some info on strollers, and maybe find a sling/carrier for Peanut. Also, because we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I thought it might be a nice afternoon, just the two of us.


There were so many people there – and apparently, it was worse yesterday (Saturday). He doesn’t like crowds. And after about an hour, he was on edge. At the start of the show, we filled in a draw ballot for an UppaBaby stroller, but he hadn’t the patience to hold out until 4 to see if we qualified. After we left, we quibbled some more…Grumpy Smurf is not fiction. He’s a 40-year-old Portuguese man! Grrr.

I’ve decided to put him on freeze for a few days.

the heavy (and some history)…
I am in the second day of week 24. Peanut is about the size of an eggplant – one of my least favourite vegetables. Aubergine, as the British call it. Such a pretty colour, though…say, does anyone remember the Eatons re-brand with the new colour scheme (which really looked more like a deep navy on all the bags) and “Aubergine” campaign? No? Well, here you go.

It was a total flop. The company went bankrupt, and Eatons stores across Canada closed their doors for good about a year or two later.

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