mini baby-moon.

mini baby-moon.

Some time ago, I’d made a suggestion to the boy that we get away for a weekend of grown-up squooshy time before Peanut’s arrival. He agreed, and we wound up booking a lovely-ish little two-day retreat in Niagara Falls.

I found the boy’s Movember ‘stache distracting. I actually made him shave it off when we got home.

We chose one of the coldest weekends of the year to head down there, but the view from our room more than made up for the chill. I’d originally booked a suite with a dual-falls view, but when we got there, the concierge upgraded us for an extra $50 and we got the Presidential Suite on the 21st floor (yeah, baby).

The view from up here.

It was really nice. We didn’t do much, funny enough, as the cold was prohibitive; the wind and mist made wandering any great distance near-impossible. But we had proximity to the casino and a few restaurants. Despite a blip or two (a fight before dinner that lasted through our meal, and prompted me to walk out half-way), we managed to salvage the weekend and have a decent enough time.

We walked through the casino’s colonnade, popping into stores and looking at merchandise. I love window-shopping and could happily do it for hours. Luckily, there were a host of boutiques open late at night to satisfy my penchant. The boy was fascinated by the Christmas Store, while I made myself comfy in the fudge-making place. I bought a quarter-pound each of Snicker’s and Nutella fudge. Mmm-mmm good!

The next morning, we headed down to the complimentary breakfast buffet, and made plans to take a walk before heading home. I really didn’t want to (it was so freaking cold, OMG), but I wanted us to have a few good hours to remember, so I bit the bullet, bundled up, and we headed out hand-in-hand.

After being out for about two hours, we still had an hour and some left before check-out, so we snuggled together in one of the two king beds in our room and caught a quick nap.

The Falls at dawn.

WP_20131103_00220131104101538 (1)
Making nice on our post-breakfast walk.

Beautiful backdrop.

Funny enough, my favourite parts of the entire weekend were the drive up to The Falls, and the drive home. We get along for the most part, and during both drives, we talked and laughed and basked in each other’s company instead of quarrelling. And when the boy turns on the full sweetness and charm, it serves to remind me why I fell in love with the old curmudgeon in the first place. 😀

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