things i didn’t consider.

things i didn’t consider.

One good thing about taking little ones out for Hallowe’en: getting to steal monitor their stash.

Today is Hallowe’en, and someone casually remarked how next year, I’ll have my own adorable little Trick or Treater to wrangle candy from unwitting strangers.

As one who hates the day (the kids are cute, but only the really little ones. I also generally find the hype annoying), this comment made me think about all the other dreadful activities will I have to participate in because I am now part of the Parents’ Club?

The boy and I already agreed that he would do (translation: take her to) all of the sports-related activities. If she’s in any sort of skating, running around on a field after a ball, or anything that involves waking up super-early or standing out in the cold, he’s on-duty. I volunteered for any sort of Mommy & Me classes, painting, dancing, tumbling, or things that take place indoors appeal to my artsy side.

Been considering homeschooling Peanut, but if she is able to attend mainstream school classes, I already know that I refuse to fundraise or bakesale. I don’t bake, and I think both things are akin to extortion. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of subjecting my friends/family/neighbours to shelling out money for a bad chocolate bar or mediocre muffin.

Back to today: having my own mini-candy-hauler is definitely an incentive, and I don’t want to be that mom who doesn’t take her kid out ’cause I don’t believe in Hallowe’en, but I have like, zero willpower when it comes to the bite-sized versions of my favourite candy bars. And really, for the love of all things holy, I think I need to get my sweet tooth under control before we go trolling for candy, no?

The aftermath. Eight bars in less than five minutes. Believe me, I’m not proud. 😦

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