weekend wrap-up: the thickening.

weekend wrap-up: the thickening.

the thickening r
Pardon the disarray (and the blur); I actually hate messy selfies. I’m also rather chuffed in this photo, and I couldn’t begin to tell you why…

Burgeoning baby bump! I am 14 weeks this week. According to my pregnancy app, Peanut is actually the size of a peach. Mmm…peaches. Too bad I’m allergic. Boo.

the heavy…
I’m gaining weight in the rear, and I have no idea who these thighs belong to, anymore.

I measured myself the other day, and I’m 32 inches around the middle; hips are currently 38 inches. I bought a pair of jeans from AE the other day (I refuse to purchase maternity clothing) and they were a size 10. As evidenced from the photo above, my underwear still fits – and that’s about it. Shorts I wore about two weeks ago don’t make it over my thighs today.

TMI Alert: The ladybits are getting plump, too. I kid you not. I also had no idea it was possible to gain weight down there.

I had a function to go to yesterday, and wore a dress I’d purchased to wear to dinner with the boy on our anniversary. To my surprise, it fit perfectly – even better than when I bought it some months ago. Hooray for stretchy fabrics. My neighbour took a few pics, and the chiffon drape over the front of the dress concealed the bump, but you could see the little deposits of chub above my knees.

(Not a good look. Once this baby pops out, I’m gonna get back to some semblance of my former physical glory – even if it kills me.)

public reveal…
The bump and I made an appearance at a Sunday-afternoon patio vibe that I’ve regularly attended for years. I’ve mostly avoided it this summer due to illness, tending to the boy, and other obligations. However, today was the final session until next year, so I thought I’d stop in. I have to say, being there just felt odd; people I had never spoken to before today were offering their congratulations, and one or two nosy exes/frenemies found excuses to make small talk and ogle. It was just too much.

I really felt as though I was on display, and didn’t like the attention one bit. The organizer snapped a pic of me to put on the party’s Facebook page. I was okay with it at first, then later emailed him to request that he not post it. He was totally cool and understanding, and sent the pic to keep for myself. Aside from the weird pose/body angle, I kind of like it:

bump at cube
Despite the smile, I felt desperately out of place. Shortly after this photo was taken, I left the party and went to hang with the boy. Unheard of in my pre-pregnancy days. I don’t know who I am, anymore! 😀

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