weekend wrap-up: dribs and drab.

weekend wrap-up: dribs and drab.

The weather this weekend was gorgeous; the image illustrates my mood.

a big turnout…
Saturday was Donte’s funeral. It was a massive turnout. Everyone was there. I t was supposed to start at 10; I got there early and could barely find a place to sit. By the time the service started, it was standing-room only. People were still coming after it began, and they were forced to stand outside. It was a beautiful service and a beautiful day. It was both the loveliest and saddest thing I’ve ever been to in my life.  Short sentences. What more can I say?

…and a belly to match
I thought I was slick wearing a loose, blousy top to disguise the pregnancy. Black is supposed to be slimming, right? Boy, was I wrong. All weekend my big belly was big news.

what a difference a year makes
I was texting with my friend Dr. Karen the other day. She used to work at the same hospital as my ex, Kevin. She was witness to our messy, convoluted demise, and she knows (and completely understands) how much I loathe him. When I told her of my pregnancy, she was thrilled for me – and then teasingly reminded me that around this time last year, I was ass-over-tea-kettle for him. Bleh.

medjool, khudry or anbarah?
I am 10 weeks pregnant this weekend. According to my pregnancy app, my bean is about the size of a date. Mmm…dates.

My first OB appointment is this coming Friday. I’ve been doing some research on Dr. Freedman, and apparently she’s one of the best. I hope I like her.

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